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          Product & Service

          Contact Us

          Baiqiao Industry Park, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu ,China
          PostCode: 215638

          Quality Assurance

          Quality policy:

          Full participation, continuous learning; focus on prevention, continuous improvement

          Quality objectives:

          We treat quality management as a long run to reduce the cost of work to do. Because we believe that the strict and meticulous preventive measures can help us to eliminate the quality problems before they occur invisible, increase yield, thereby reducing the cost. Failed to be effective in preventing the occurrence of quality problems, we also carry out strict "corrective" measures to prevent similar problems from happening again. We will all employees included in the continuous learning process of continuous improvement, quality management, quality management activities to be a pleasant and rewarding experience for each employee personal.

          Service and quality:

          We are confident that the product quality and after-sales services, we can provide the best service to customers is customers do not need service. Our quality management in the client towards this goal. Of course, we also realize that the unexpected always generated, so our sales and technical staff with the fastest speed in response to customer service requirements.


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