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          Baiqiao Industry Park, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu ,China
          PostCode: 215638

          Plastic mold manufacturing

          Beier plastic as one of the Chinese mold manufacturer, the company is committed to provide high quality, competitive products to the shortest possible time to the customers at home and abroad. Is our goal to become customers' preferred supplier and permanent partners. We have a highly qualified technical team, the combination of a number of industry categories of young, energetic members, in their respective positions on the outstanding performance and a wealth of experience, the more attractive is their creativity and dedication spirit. The company has always been to make unremitting efforts, a higher target to themselves, while constantly improve their own management and to enhance the R & D capabilities, and promote the development of China's mold cause.

          The company also established an advanced CAD / CAM / CAE systems and centralized management system, the sharing of information resources within the company and high-speed transmission, greatly improving the integration process of mold design and processing for a variety of fine, sharp mold design, manufacturing, provides a strong guarantee. Company production of molds 600 sets. Hard, progressive excellence is the true nature of Beier Plastics; learning, innovation, and catch up with international advanced mold level is the relentless pursuit of the Beier plastic; volume, complex, deep cavity, thin-walled, precision plastic mold in Beier features and capabilities.
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